Release Information

June 15, 2023

Dynamic Forms Release 10.2 - May 10th, 2023

Whats in the release? Watch Release 10.2 Overview Video

Release 10.2 Documentation

Dynamic Forms PowerPoint - Includes changes made to Dynamic Forms in release 10.2.

November 2, 2020

NextGen Dynamic Forms Release 9 - Thursday December 10th

Release 9 has been deployed.

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Release 9 Documentation

Quick Guide to Enhancements - Quick guide to interface changes and how to navigate through the enhanced platform. 

Release 9 Notes - includes details around new features, functionality and the modifications to the user interface. 

2020 User Group Presentation - (requires CAS into DF to access) Click the link to view the topics of discussion during the meeting.   

Next Gen Overview

          5:00 - Review of Release 9 Functionality - Lynne Garcia

        34:15 - Review of the Release 9 Technology - Jonathan Makofske and Martin Witters

        46:25 - Review of Future Enhancements and Roadmap

Awesome Client Presentations

      1:18:45 - Designing Forms to Make Your Life Easier - Katie Cox, Associate Registrar, Yale Law School

      1:40:10 - International Student Multiple Signature Work Authorization Request Form -

                     Ashley Bus Morgan, International Advisor, George Mason University

      2:01:00 - Dual Enrollment Processing Using Dynamic Forms - Matt Valerius, Director of Guided

                     Pathways and Dual Enrollment, Golden West College