Start Building a Form

How to start building a Dynamic Form

Before you begin, ensure you have an Organization for your department in Dynamic Forms and Designer access. 

To request Designer access or to have an Organization created for your department, go to Getting Started.

Add New Form Template

1. Log into Dynamic Forms by clicking the below URL and CASing in using your NetID and Password.

Dynamic Forms URL: 

CAS in (1)

2. Select your Organization’s Sandbox from the drop-down list and click Go

To view further details pertaining to accessing your Organization visit Accessing your Organization.

Select Org_Click Go

3. To start building a new form, click +Add New Form Template.

To view further details pertaining to Adding a New Form and requirements related to Forms, visit Add a New Form

Add New Form Template(1)

4. Enter your new forms name (can be modified later) and click Add.

Name Add

5. Click Start Designing (under pages) to begin creating your new form’s first page.

To configure your form level setting visit Form Level Settings

Start Designing(1)

6. Under the Add Item tab (circled in green below), you can now begin dragging and dropping Form Items into the Form Designing space (circled in yellow below).

When you drag and drop a Form Items into the Designing space, it will highlight the area gray to show you where you are dropping the Form Item. 

Add Item

See Form Items (Designer Resources > Form Items) for details around each Form Item, their configuration settings and advanced settings. Check out the following features under Form Items:

Form Items

Check out other Designer Resources found under Start Building a Form for further details on how to configure features and to view other helpful information related to Dynamic Forms: 

Start Building a Form:

Questions? Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team by emailing