Impersonation Testing

How to do Impersonation Testing

Use Impersonation Testing when there is a need to access or pre-fill data within your form from Banner, our student database.


  • Dynamic Forms Access - Must have acess to the Dynamic Forms organization (sandbox) where your form is located.
  • VPN - Connect to VPN (Cisco AnyConnect Secure).
  • Banner SYAPASS – Must gain access to Banner SYAPASS in BAN2/Test environment
  • PIDM – Must have a valid list of PIDMs related to the form you’re testing.
    • Expectations is that clients provide PIDM to the Dynamic Form ITS team, clients are responsible for providing PIDM to the DF ITS team


Validate that you’ve successfully connected to the VPN and have the proper access to Dynamic Forms and Banner SYAPASS(BAN2), as well as a list of valid PIDMs to be used during testing.

  1. Access BAN2/Test Environment Link
    1. Search for Passthru Page (SYAPASS)
  1. Click the Insert button to add a new row
  2. Application Code = DYNAMIC_FORMS
  1. User Id = <Enter your NetID>
  1. PIDM = <Enter valid PIDM>
  1. Click Save (bottom right) as seen circled in green and validate that you’ve received a successful message.

2. Access the Dynamic Forms Single Sign On (SSO) URL/Link

  1. For assistance see Dynamic Forms Support Site
  2. Once you’ve accessed Dynamic Forms click the drop down to select your preferred organization and click go.
  1. Click the Go button after selecting your organization.
  1. Find your form by scrolling up or down.
  1. Make sure that the form you are using shows “Yes” in the active column,  Form must be active to do Impersonation testing.
  • To Active your form, press Action then click “Activate form template”.
  1. After activating your form, click the square icon with the arrow pointing upwards called “Fill Out Form”.
  1. You should see that some fields were auto filled because of the PIDMs that you’ve copied and pasted in BAN2-SYAPASS

Questions? Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team by emailing