Allow Return for Revisions

Allow Participant to Return for Revisions

In a multiple participant form, you have the ability to enable participants to Return a form back to the prior participant in order to request the prior participant make revisions or modifications to their form section and then resubmit. 

As the Designer, you have the ability to identify which Participant(s) should have the ability to Return for Revisions. You can enable the “Allow Return for Revisions?” ability for each Participant by accessing the Design view of your form, then going to the Participant Menu and Editing each Participant, which will give you the option to enable the Allow Return for Revisions ability, as seen below: 

Form Name > Action > Edit Form Template > Participants > (select Participant) Edit > enable Allow Return for Revisions = Yes/No

1.  Go to Participants Menu

Participants Menu

2. Select the Participant you would like to enable the Return for Revisions ability for and click Edit

  • NOTE: The Return for Revisions ability is not available for the Owner of the form (Participant 1), as they are the one initiating the form.

3. In the Edit Participant window, enable the Return for Revision ability for that Participant by setting Allow Return for Revisions? to Yes, as seen circled in green below:

Allow Return for Revisions

4. Click Save button at bottom of Edit Participant window. Repeat this process for each Participant you wish to enable the Return for Revisions ability for.

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