Publishing Form URL(s)

We strongly suggest you embed these URL hyperlinks within Text, opposed to displaying the actual URLs. The most common way to share these Forms is publishing to a Yale Site or sending via email.

As an example, we’ve embedded the Dynamic Forms User Group Sign-Up Form within the Form name’s text of “Dynamic Forms User Group Sign-Up Form”. 

This can normally be accomplished by using the ‘hyperlink’ or ‘link’ setting. 

Simplifying Forms SSO URL

If you would like a shortened Form SSO URL, please contact your Designer or contact us at

We can then provide you with a “URL re-direct” for your Form’s SSO URL that would have the prefix of and then the name of your form. Therefore looking like this: 

Form’s SSO URL Issue within Microsoft Applications 

There is an issue when embedding a Form’s SSO URL within text in a Microsoft application such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ect. When clicking on a Form’s SSO URL within Microsoft applications, Microsoft will attempt to open the link internally, because it assumes the hyperlink is a Microsoft related link, therefore an error is produced after clicking on the Forms URL, as seen below: 

MS app_Error

Work Arounds

If you plan on using a Microsoft application to distribute the Forms SSO URL, a work around is to publish the Forms SSO URL to your YaleSite, then reference your YaleSite within the Microsoft application. 

Or you can include the Forms actual SSO URL address in the Microsoft application and ask participants to copy and paste that URL into their browsers address bar, opposed to clicking the URL within the Microsoft application. This will allow them to reach the form without issues. If you contact us, we can also provide you with a ‘cleaner’ SSO URL link by simplifying the URL, see section above, Simplifying Forms SSO URL, for details.

Questions? Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team by emailing