Getting Started with Dynamic Forms

Kick Off Discussions with ITS

If you would like to learn more about Dynamic Forms and how you can leverage this free technology, please submit a Dynamic Forms Support Request

Requesting Access to Dynamic Forms

See Request Access page.

Form Build Options

We offer 2 options when it comes to building a form. You can choose to build the form yourself or you can pay NextGen to build the form for you for a fee. Please visit the Form Build Options for more details.

Accessing Dynamic Forms

If you have elected to build the form yourself, we will create a Sandbox (Test) environment and Production environment for your department, grant resources access to these environments and give you an overview to help you get acclimated to Dynamic Forms.

If your Dynamic Forms access has already been granted, use the following SSO URL:
Dynamic Forms URL: 
1. Click the above URL
2. Sign into CAS using your existing NetID and Password
3. Select the Organization/Environment for your department and click GO. 

Moving Forward

As you create your forms, our Dynamic Forms ITS team can provide support throughout the process and give guidance as needed. Once in Production, you and your department are responsible for managing and maintaining your form and its administrative needs. If you have any technical questions, our team is here to support you at