Access Form Submissions

How to Access Form Submissions

This page explains how you can access your forms submissions as an Admin and use its features. 


1. Access - Must ensure your resource has access to your departments Organization where your form is located and the correct type of Admin access. NOTE: All Designers already have Full Form Admin Access. 

2. Dynamic Forms URL - Must ensure you have the correct URL to access Dynamic Forms. 


1. Access Dynamic Forms site and go to your Organization that contains your form. 

2. Access your Forms new submissions by clicking the number under Pending queue for your Form. 

When a form has been completed (by all participants, if a multi-participant form) the new submissions will be found in the Pending queue. Form submissions will stay in the Pending queue until they are either manually moved to another work queue by an Admin/Designer or they may be automatically moved to the Processed queue after being copied to your shared drive/folder when processed by the Dynamic Forms Exchange process (DFE). 

Click on the number found under the Pending queue, as seen below circled in green: 

Pending Queue(1)

3. Pending Queue - Within the Pending queue, each Form Owner’s form submission displays on a different row along with system information and the responses collected within the form. 
Note: The other Work Queues - Reject (Returned for Revision), Multi, Processed and Archived, are set up the same way as the Pending Queue.

Work queue features:
Note: Features listed below are applicable in all Work Queues - Reject (Returned for Revision), Multi, Pending, Processed, Archived

  • PDF - To view a participant’s form submission in PDF format, click the PDF symbol for that participant, as seen circled in green. You can download, save and/or print the PDF form submission.
  • HMTL - To view a participant’s form submission in HTML or browser view, click the symbol that looks like a page, located to the right of the PDF symbol.
  • Audits - To view a form submissions audit trail details such as who submitted the form, if changes were made, if emails related to the form were sent and to whom, who signed the form, if updates were made to co-signers, etc, click the symbol that looks like a page, located to the right of the HTML symbol, as seen circled in red. 
  • Selecting Form Submissions - To select all form submissions on that page, click the checkbox located in the column header. To select specific form submissions, click the checkbox located in the row for the specific participant. Once you have selected the checkboxes for the specific form submissions, you can then select the feature you want to apply such as Export to Excel, move to Processed queue, move to Archived queue, Deleting form submissions, etc. The checkboxes can be located to the right of the Audits column, as seen circled in yellow. 
  • Export to Excel - To Export form submission to an Excel spreadsheet, select all form submissions by checking off the column header or select specific form submissions by checking off a participant’s checkbox. Once exported to Excel, you can leverage all Excel’s features and capabilities such as sorting, filtering, creating charts, analyzing the data, running statistics, etc. To Export to Excel, click the Export to Excel button, as seen circled in purple. 
  • Sorting - To sort a specific column in ascending or descending order, click the text in the column header. Clicking the column header text once will sort that column in ascending order, clicking it again will sort in descending order.

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