Form Participant Resources

Form Participant Resources

Dynamic Forms makes it easy to access, fill out and submit a form, as well as possibly making a payment. 

Yale University has many Departments or Offices that leverage Dynamic Forms to collect, process and store information. Yale has taken many paper-based forms and converted them into a Dynamic Form which help improve the Form Participants experience, streamline a process and automate storage. 

Commonly Used Terms

Form Participant is a person that must access a form to be submitted. 

Single Participant Forms are forms completed and submitted by only 1 Form Participant.

Multi-Participant Forms are forms where multiple Form Participants complete their section of the form and submit which will automatically route to the next Form Participant to complete their section until all Form Participants have submitted. 

Draft Forms are forms that a Form Participant started filling out but saved to their account before submitting and will access later to complete and submit.

Pending Forms are forms related to your account that are in progress and require you, as the next Form Participant, to access the form to complete your section and submit. 

Forms History related to your account is a collection of all the forms that you, as a Form Participant, have completed and submitted in the past. 

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