Activate/Deactivate Form 

Activating your form will allows Participants to access the form to be completed and submitted. 

Deactivating your form will make the form inaccessible so no further submissions can be accepted. 

Forms can be manually Activated and Deactivated or set to automatically Activate and/or Deactivate based on a Date and/or Time. 
NOTE: Identifying an automatic Activation Date/Time without identifying an automatic Deactivation Date/Time will cause your form to stay active always. Ie. If you try and manually Deactivate the form, it will continuously re-Activate due to the automatic Activation being set without automatic Deactivation. 

A green circle under Status represents an Activated Form and a red circle under Status represents a Deactivated Form, as seen below:



Within your Organization, find your Form Template Name and click the drop down on the Action button.

Then select Activate Form Template or Deactivate Form Template, as seen below:



Within your Organization, find your Form Template Name and click the drop down on the Action button.

Select Edit Form Template and click on the Name/Type menu found in the upper left. 

Scroll towards the bottom and find Use Automatic Activation? and select Yes to enable the automatic Activation and/or Deactivation. 


Click on the calendar icon to select the Date and/or Time. 

You can elect to use only the automatic Activation or only the automatic Deactivation, or you can use both - Automatic Activation and Deactivation. 


*REMEMBER TO CLICK SAVE, highlighted in Red at bottom of screen, after modifying settings and before moving to another area.

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