Tooltips can be added to any Form Item where the participant is asked to give a response. Tooltips provide additional information related to a Form Item to assist the participant in giving a response. When a Tooltip is available, an ‘i’, for informational, in a blue circle, will appear next to the Form Item’s response box. When the participant hovers over or clicks on the ‘i’, the Tooltip’s information will be displayed to the participant. The Tooltip will also be displayed if the participant enters a response that does not meet the restrictions you applied to the Form Item (ie. If it doesn’t meet the minimum or maximum amount of characters defined in the field restrictions). The Tooltip will not display on the PDF.

  • Example - Tooltips are displayed to participant, as seen circled in green below.
  • When hovering over the ‘i’, the Tooltip is displayed with a blue background, as seen below:
Tool Tip_Hover(2)
  • When the participant enters an incorrect response, based on restrictions configured for that field, the Tooltip is displayed in red text, as seen circled in green below:
Tool Tip_Incorrect Response

Add a Tooltip

A Tooltip can be added to any Form Item that allows a response from a participant.

  1. Click on the Form Item for which you want to add the Tooltip, as seen circled in yellow below.
  2. Once under the Edit Item tab, click on the Advanced Button to configure the Tooltip, as seen circled in green below.
Tooltip_Click_Advanced Setting
  1.  Tooltip - Enter the text you want displayed related to that Form Item.
  2.  Tooltip position - Select the position of the Tooltip in relation to the response box.
    • Right – Tooltip will appear to the right of the response box.
    • Left – Tooltip will appear to the left of the response box..
Tooltip_Advanced Setting

Note: If the Tooltip is configured and no Custom Validation Text is defined, the Tooltip text will be displayed as the error message when an invalid response is entered. When both Custom Validation Text and Tooltips are defined, the Custom Validation Text will be displayed as the error message and the Tooltip will only be displayed via the informational icon, the ‘i’.

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