Admin Options

Admin Options

Administrators have a few ways they can access new submissions, manage their forms workflow and process their forms submissions.

Below are some of the available Administrative Controls and Work Queues that can be managed by the Administrators. 

An additional Dynamic Forms Exchange (DFE) process can be configured to copy all form submissions to your Shared Drive to make it easier to access, if preferred, as it can automatically create a single PDF file which includes any uploaded files within the form. 

Dynamic Forms can also be configured to automatically index form submissions into AppXtender Student Profiles

Administrative Controls

Co-Signers – Administrators have the ability to control the co-signers or multiple participants at any time. When the form is already in progress administrators have the ability to modify the co-signers by entering a different person or email or they can simply re-send notifications to co-signers to remind them a form is waiting for their response.

Export to Excel – Administrators have the ability to export the form submissions found under the Reject (Returned for Revision), Multi, Pending, Processed or Archived queue. Specific form submissions or all form submissions can be selected and exported in a specific format or in its entirety which includes all form questions and their responses given by participants. From there you can leverage Excels analysis capabilities such as sort, filter, pivot tables, etc.

PDF – Administrators have the ability to access, view and download each form submission as a PDF with the option to include any files that have been uploaded within the form by the participant.

Audit – Administrators can access the Audit trails which states details about the form at each step and its progress such as who accessed the form, who updated the form, what emails were sent and who they were sent to, who’s signed the form and its current status.    

Dynamic Forms Work Queues

Administrators have the ability to manage their form submissions on the Dynamic Forms site via the work queues.

Work Queues

Reject (Returned for Revision) queue – Administrator can view the forms that have been rejected (Returned for Revision) by a participant/approver and has kicked the form back to a prior participant to allow them to modify the data entered within the form and resubmit to continue through the workflow process. Administrators also have the ability to reject  a form/Return a form for Revision to a prior participant and send a customized email.

Multi (Signature) queue – Administrators can view the forms that have been started by the initial participant/owner and are waiting for other participants to complete their sections. Administrators can also manage and modify the co-signers while the forms in progress.

Pending queue – New form submissions appear in the Pending queue. Once viewed and processed by the Administrative team the form submissions can be moved to other queues based on the administrator’s preference.

Processed queue – Administrators can move form submissions to the Processed queue, so you can differentiate between new and processed form submissions for that semester or academic year.

Archived queue - Form submissions can also be moved to the Archived queue so that you can differentiate between the current semester and prior semester or between academic years.

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