Administrator Resources

Administrator Overview

Dynamic Forms makes it easy for administrators to manage, process and track form submissions. There are numerous administrator settings that can be configured meet your needs such as automatically activate or deactivate a form, notify administrators when new form submissions come in, set the frequency administrator are notified of new form submissions, the ability to create administrator groups, manage or update co-signers while a form is in progress, reject a form submission and kick it back to a prior participant to modify data entered within a form, create complex workflows so specific resources are notified and routed to the form, automatically update back end tables and so much more.

If your form has more than one participant, Dynamic Forms makes it easy for administrators to manage multiple participants using administrative controls to modify participants on the fly or reject a form to request a prior participant update data within the form and resubmit to continue moving through the workflow process as normal.

Our Dynamic Forms ITS team also offers administrators a few options for viewing, processing and storing form submissions. Our Dynamic Forms ITS team can also configure a form to automatically process the submission data by updating Banner’s database tables or index into the AppXtender Student profile which automates your process from end to end.

Administrative Benefits

Budget savings: Think about all the things that go into your form processing now. Maybe you have form printing, postage, design costs. It’s very likely that you have processing, reprocessing and storage costs. Maybe you staff up during peak to handle this. Dynamic Forms can help greatly reduce if not fully eliminate some of these costs for you. Save your department and your campus money, bring a great success story to your President.

Other Savings: Would giving and receiving forms more quickly enhance your process and at the same time enhance your student’s satisfaction with your service level? Giving a financially strapped, an international or irate student an option for quicker service may enhance not only customer service levels but may also enhance the perception of the school to a recruit.

Design and Deploy Forms Without Waiting for IT: Use the intuitive Forms Designer to create, update, and deploy forms in minutes. You do not have to take the time for extensive training or need to know HTML code. More importantly, you don’t need to involve IT anytime you wish to make a change.

Integrate with your school’s systems: You do not have to hire extra support to data enter information from paper forms into campus systems. Our export feature allows you to customize output composition and format to meet your specific data input requirements. This feature ensures you can receive the data in exactly the format you require to facilitate the loading of information to your school information or imaging system. You can also leverage the Dynamic Forms Exchange process (DFE) to copy form submissions to a Shared Folder here at Yale (access via a desktop shortcut) or have form submissions automatically indexed into the AppXtender Student Profile. If you normally have to manually key in data to update a table on the back end, there’s an option to create an API or Application Programming Interface to automatically integrate with systems like Banner, so after a form is submitted the back end system can be updated automatically using the data entered within the form. 

Questions? Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team by emailing