Pending / Draft Forms

Pending / Draft Forms

Pending/Draft Forms includes all forms currently in progress under that Form Participant’s account where Form Participant has either saved form(s) before submitting, needs to access form(s) to complete their section, or form(s) needing a payment to be processed. It gives you the ability to view, download, save, or print the Form in progress using either the View PDF or View HTML or gives ability to complete a form or complete the payment aligned to a form submitted.

NOTE: A Form Participant must log/have logged into an account to access a form to later access it under Pending/Draft Forms. If Form Participant will not access the form by first logging into their account (ie. non-SSO Form URL without e-signature), then there is no account aligned to their pending forms so the forms wouldn’t be accessible under Pending Forms or the Form Participant won’t have the ability to Save a Form Draft since there is no account to save it to.

How to access Pending / Draft Forms

Depending on how the Form Participant plans to access the form or has accessed the form, determines how the Form Participant should log into Dynamic Forms, either using the SSO (CAS) log in or non-SSO log in.

  1. Log into Dynamic Forms
    • If Forms SSO URL (CAS) was used to access Form, then access via Dynamic Forms SSO Account Log in using CAS with NetID and Password.
    • If Forms non-SSO URL with e-signature (without CAS) was used to access Form, then access via Dynamic Forms Account log in using User Name/Email Address and Password created by Form Participant.
  2. Go to My Forms > Pending/Draft Forms (upper right) to view a list of all forms in progress under that account.
Pending Draft Forms
  1. Under Pending/Draft Forms will be a list of all Forms currently in progress, click the PDF icon or HTML icon for the Form in progress you wish to view/download/save/print. By clicking on a column header, it will put that column in ascending or descending order.
  • Status – Within Pending/Draft Forms there are different types of Form Statuses identified below:
    • Draft – A form you started but saved before submitting.
    • Incomplete – Waiting for you to complete your section of form and submit.
    • Payment (for payment forms only) – A form where a payment is needed from you.
    • Returned – A form returned to you to make revisions and resubmit.
    • Pending (awaiting other co-signer(s)) – A form where you completed your section and is now waiting for co-signer(s) to complete their section(s) and submit.
  • Action – Each Form in progress has an Action button aligned to it that shows the applicable actions that can be taken identified below:
    • Complete Form – Form ready for you to complete and submit.
Pending Draft_Complete Form
  • Delete Form (for Drafts forms only) – Form Draft that was deleted.
Pending Draft_Delete
  • Complete Payment (for payment forms only) – Ready for you to make Payment related to a Form you already submitted.
Pending Draft_Complete Payment
  • View PDF – View your Form as a PDF.
Pending Draft_View PDF
  • View HTML – View your Form within a browser.
Pending Draft_View HTML
  • Manage Co-Signers (for Designer or Full Admins) – Ability to edit co-signers for a form or resend co-signer notification email. See Manage Co-Signer(s) support page for further details.
Pending Draft_Manage CoSigners

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