Add a New Form

How to Add a New Form to your Organization

Below are the steps on how you can add a new form to your organization. 

1. Select your Sandbox Organization from the drop-down menu on the top toolbar and click Go


3. Enter your new forms Name under New Form Template Name and click Add at the bottom right.

NOTE: You can modify your forms Name at any time.


NOTE: See Form Level Settings to learn how to configure your settings at the form level. 

4. To start Designing your form, click Start Designing under Pages.


5. You are now in the Designing area where you can begin to build your form.

  • See Form Items for further details on adding and configuring your form’s items.

Best Practices for Building Forms

Go to Best Practices to learn about Form Requirements, Guidelines and Tips while building a Form.
This insight will ensure your form is ADA/WCAG Compliant and is consistent with Yale Universities standards. 

Questions? Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team by emailing