Prefill Fields using User Profile

If the participant is accessing the form using the SSO URL or if a signature is required on your form, basic information is available via a participant’s User Profile that can be used to prefill fields within a form. 

User Profile provides the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email 
  • Full Name
  • NetID (if available)
  • Preferred First Name (if available)
  • Preferred Last Name (if available)

If you use the prefill option detailed below, do not mark the field as required, as it causes a glitch and it will be populated anyways using the User Profile data. 

Configure Prefill Fields

Short Answer Form Items can be configured so they are prefilled when a participant accesses a form. 

1. Using a Short Answer Form Item, click on Advanced and set the Field Type to Prefill, as seen circled in green below: 

FieldType Prefill

2. Prefill Setting will appear, set Prefill Source to User Profile and then for Prefill With select the correct field from the drop-down list to be used to prefill that Short Answer Form Item, as seen circled in green below: 

Prefill Setting

3. We do not allow users (participants) to edit a field that has been prefilled using the User Profile, so validate that the Allow users to edit this field? is not checked off, as seen below circled in red:

Prefill_edit field

4. Click the Save button to save your Short Answer Form Item settings. 

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