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How to enable Return for Revision (Reject) and/or Approve a Form 

For forms that require an additional participant to give their approval and e-sign the form, this video shows a detailed process of how an Approver goes about Rejecting (Returning a form for Revision) a form back to the prior participant and how to access the form to e-sign and submit. 

The video shows the experience from the perspective of each participant and how they navigate though Dynamic Forms to complete their section of the form. 

YouTube > Dynamic Forms Authorizer Training Video

What is Dynamic Forms?

Dynamic Forms provides a simple way for non-technical users to take any paper-based form and quickly build a sophisticated interactive, electronic form. The forms can be published anywhere, such as the SIS portal, your YaleSite, or included in an email. This secure, state of the art workflow solution allows you to focus your energies on other tasks instead of manually processing, tracking, and storing documents.

Dynamic Forms is owned by a vendor called NextGen Web Solutions. Yale ITS has a license agreement with NextGen where we pay a base fee that allows for unlimited users. Therefore, taking advantage of this technology is free to you and your department, as there are no additional costs.


Forms Available 24 x 7 – Students/Users have the convenience of accessing and completing your customized forms via the internet on their schedule. Accessible online forms means saving time, paper, frustration, reprocessing costs and presents a better experience for your students, parents and faculty.

Student/User Interface – Students/Users can always come into their account and see and print forms they have submitted and signed. Students/Users will also see any forms which need completion in their Pending area.

Multiple Electronic Signatures – Dynamic Forms allows not just a single signature, but the workflow process allows multiple parties to sign forms as well. Creating a student-to-parent form with a School Use Only section can be done quickly and easily with no technical skills needed.

Single Sign-On with School Portal – Students/Users do not have to remember another username and password. Students/Users can be pre-authenticated from Yale’s Central Authentication System (CAS) into Dynamic Forms with their Single Sign on feature which also enables the ability to prefill fields within a form.


Budget savings: Think about all the things that go into your form processing now. Maybe you have form printing, postage, design costs. It’s very likely that you have processing, reprocessing and storage costs. Maybe you staff up during peak to handle this. Dynamic Forms can help greatly reduce if not fully eliminate some of these costs for you. Save your department and your campus money, bring a great success story to your President.

Other Savings: Would giving and receiving forms more quickly enhance your process and at the same time enhance your student’s satisfaction with your service level? Giving a financially strapped, an international or irate student an option for quicker service may enhance not only customer service levels but may also enhance the perception of the school to a recruit.

Design and Deploy Forms Without Waiting for IT: Use the intuitive Forms Designer to create, update, and deploy forms in minutes. You do not have to take the time for extensive training or need to know HTML code. More importantly, you don’t need to involve IT anytime you wish to make a change.

Integrate with your school’s systems: You do not have to hire extra support to data enter information from paper forms into campus systems. Our export feature allows you to customize output composition and format to meet your specific data input requirements. This feature ensures you can receive the data in exactly the format you require to facilitate the loading of information to your school information or imaging system.

Campus IT

No Hardware / Software to Buy: Dynamic Forms is hosted by Next Gen. IT does not have to worry about support calls, upgrade requests, or purchasing additional servers, memory or software.

Stringent third-party auditing: Next Gen undergoes a SAS-70 Type II audit annually and contracts with third party vendors to evaluate our applications and network for potential security breaches. Our controls and software have been securitized by some of the best and biggest college and university security personnel around the country. Also, as you would expect, we never sell or share any data from our clients.

Campus-wide license: The Dynamic Forms license agreement allows Yale University to use Dynamic Forms across our campus. Yale ITS can set up a department or organization specifically for you (Financial Aid, Admissions, Registrar, etc.) and provide access to your own instance of Dynamic Forms. The incredibly low annual fixed fee its covered by Yale ITS which allows you to leverage Dynamic Forms at no additional costs.

Dynamic Forms ITS Team

Yale ITS has a small dedicated team to help support you and your department throughout the entire process while you design, build, test and migrate your form to Production. Administrative and maintenance support is also provided.

Our team includes 2 Business Analysts and a Designer that build and support Dynamic Forms and 2 Developers that create and support Application Programming Interface (API) service calls to Banner.

Questions? Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team by emailing DynamicForms.ITS@yale.edu