User Group Community

Joining the User Group Community

We have created a user group as a means for Higher Education users of the NextGen Dynamic Forms product to leverage each other’s experiences, collaborate on creative solutions and share insight within the user group community. 

Dynamic Form Designers, API Developers and Owners of Processes currently using Dynamic Forms are invited to be a part of this mailing list, which is used to reach out to each other with questions, work arounds, tips and tricks, feedback or other helpful insight.

In the near future, our goal is to engage in periodic conference calls based on users areas of interest.

If representatives from your University would like to join this community, please complete the form: User Group Sign Up Form.

Our User Group currently includes over 185+ Universities/Colleges with over 300+ members from across the United States. A wealth of knowledge. 

Contacting the User Group Community

After you’ve been added to the User Group Community, you will receive an email to notify you that you’ve been successfully added to the Google Group listserv and will begin receiving emails when a member starts a discussion. 

You can reply to their message or start a new discussion by emailing the group at

If you know anyone that wants to join this User Group, please ask them to fill out the sign-up form at the following URL:

If you have a “Topic of Interest” and would like to hear a presentation in order to learn more about certain Dynamic Forms features, please directly email Based on popularity, we will schedule presentations.