Paying NextGen

How to pay NextGen for Forms 

Build New Forms - NextGen charges $150 per hour, based on the complexity of the form and capacity required to build your form. 


1. Request - You have created and submitted the Requirements document to our Yale Dynamic Forms ITS Team and it’s been submitted to NextGen. 

           A. NextGen response - After reviewing your requirements document, NextGen will provide the following information:
                 i.   Outstanding Questions or clarification related to your forms requirements.
                 ii. Estimated date of completion for your form to be handed over to your department for initial testing.
                 iii. Cost of the form based on its complexity and capacity required - $150 per hour
                 iv. NextGen designer assigned to your form so you will have direct contact with the resource creating your form.

2. Design - NextGen will start creating your form. You will have the ability to contact the resource at any time to make modifications to your requirements or ask questions. 

3. Invoice - If your department is responsible for covering the cost of NextGen creating the form, NextGen will send you the invoice.

  • Your department must then process the payment and ensure payment is received by NextGen. 

Questions? Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team by emailing