NextGen builds your Form

NextGen builds your Form 

You can request NextGen build your form for you at the cost of $150 per hour, based on the on complexity and capacity it takes to create your form. 


1. Complete NextGen build Requirements document - Complete either the Single Participant Requirements document or Multiple Participant Requirements document which includes either the existing paper-based form/Qualtrics Survey or a mockup of your form.  You must also add all field restrictions that should be applied to responses to inform NextGen of how to configure each form item. Contact for the Requirements Document Template.

2. Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team - Once you complete the Requirements document and identified all field response restrictions applicable, contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team. We will review your requirements and send them to NextGen to get started. 

  • NextGen confirmation - NextGen will notify us of the exact cost, estimated delivery date and send an invoice to be paid by your department.
  • API - If your form requires new APIs to be created, notify our Yale Dynamic Forms ITS Team so we can start collecting your API requirements as our Team is responsible for creating and connecting to your form. Creating new API’s can be a lengthy process so the sooner you kick off the discussions, the better.
  • DFE to Shared Drive/Folder - If it’s easier for your Admins to access the form submissions by viewing in your Shared Drive/Folder, we can set up the DFE to copy form submission to that Drive/Folder. Notify our Yale Dynamic Forms ITS Team so we can start collecting your DFE and Shared Drive/Folder requirements as our Team is responsible for configuring and scheduling the process. Configuring new DFE to Shared Drive/Folder can be lengthy process so the sooner you kick off the discussions, the better.

4. Testing - NextGen will notify us when the form has been built. You can then review, request any modifications and then begin testing of the form. Once testing is completed, please notify Dynamic Forms ITS Team that you have successfully tested end to end and give your approval to migrate to production. 

APIs - APIs would need to be connected before you can formally test the form to give your final approval to move to production. Or it can be applied during Phase II of your form later.

DFE to Shared Drive/Folder - Can be configured and connected in parallel to testing or after the form is moved to production.  It must be tested by your department after its connected to your form to ensure forms are copied to the Drive properly. 

5. Migrate to Production - Whether NextGen built your form for you, you built your own form or our Yale Dynamic Forms ITS Team build it for you, our Dynamic Forms ITS Team is responsible for validating compliance and migrating your form to production and will provide your forms URLs once in production. 

Questions? Contact Dynamic Forms ITS Team by emailing